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A Little Soccer Mom Bracelet Katie Loxton KLJ2913


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Wear this bracelet to show you are a proud soccer Mom!  The Little Bracelet collection is perfect for stacking with other Katie Loxton Bracelets or any other bracelets!  This brackets arrives with gift wrap so it is ready to give as a gift!

Stretch Bracelet 

Triple Dipped in Silver Plating.  

Plated jewelry will tarnish over time, to avoid it tarnishing faster than it should, keep it from coming into contact with materials such as: detergents, bleaches, ammonia, chlorine, perfumes, body-creams and hairspray.

To clean your jewelry, use a dry soft clean cloth and wipe gently. Do not use silver cleaner or silver dip and try to avoid overcleaning.

After removing jewelry, keep it stored in a cool, dry place, avoiding other pieces of jewelry so they don’t rub and scratch.