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Care Free Top Coat, Shiny


Easy-to-use buildable top gel coat leaves your nails with a glossy finish.  This is a NO WIPE application so once it is done curing, you do not need to wipe anything off.  

NO WIPE Glossy Gel Polish by Edgeu is a super easy application that adds protection and extra shine to your gel manicure or pedicure. Add a thin layer after your gel strips are cured and cure the glossy top under a UV lamp for 1 - 2 minutes . 

  • Self leveling 
  • Protects Nails from chips & smudges 
  • Compatible with All Brands Gel Nail Polish: Suitable for gel nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, nail tips etc. gel polish top coat provides durability and ensures a long-lasting manicure that seals in color and provides a matte finish.
  • Nail Lamp Required: Cure for 90-120s, Cure times may vary based on the different nail lamp. You will know when it is done when surface is no longer tacky. 
  • Sweet Tips: With gel nail polish, please always apply thin layer each time. Too much gel on the skin may cause burning sensation when cured under UV nail lamp. Please clean gel around nails prior curing as well.