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Imagination Starters Chalkboard Start Smart


Includes a set of 4 reversible chalkboard 12"x17" placemats. Fun and educational letters, Numbers, Draw/write, and Time on one side and plain on the other. MAKE WAITING FOR DINNER EASIER OR LET DINNER GUESTS DOODLE FOR FUN. Either way, these clever reusable chalkboard placemats make every meal more fun & creative!

  • LET YOUR LITTLE ONES FEEL THE JOY THAT COMES FROM USING THEIR IMAGINATION! End device screen time at the table with the Imagination Starters® Themed Chalkboard Placemats and let them color fun scenes, or flip over to the blank side to let them draw their own picture or practice writing letters and words. Whether they show off a masterpiece work of art, doodle, or write, they’ll be using their imagination and exercising their creativity.
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE TO BE USED AGAIN AND AGAIN! These chalkboard placemats are completely washable to be used over and over by your little ones and the whole family. Easy to clean with a damp cloth or throw in the sink to rinse off.
  • DRAW, COLOR, DOODLE! Works with chalk, chalk markers, or  Chalkboards crayons and erases easily with water!

Cards measure 12x17

Ages 3 and up