Teacher Apple Pencil Notebook Hearts Earrings


Earrings always make a fun gift for teachers!  We love this collection with apples, pencils and rulers to show appreciation for teachers!

Lightweight handmade clay earrings. A bold but beautiful statement piece for any wardrobe. Features nickel free earring posts and backs. Perfect for sensitive ears! Each piece is one of a kind handmade by Clayhouse Designs.  She design each piece from start to finish in her studio in TX.  She cuts the piece from her very own custom blended colors and bake. All of her jewelry is hand sanded with a series of fine grit sandpaper and buffed to a smooth finish. A lot of love and care goes into each and every pair! Due to the handmade nature of these earrings, there might be slight differences in color and shape. Please note that while quite durable for everyday wear, jewelry made of polymer clay is not as imperishable as metal jewelry and must be handled more carefully. Please keep your jewelry away from oils, lotions, perfumes. Do not wear in the water. These are made out of the highest quality polymer clay.